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Northbridge Perth

Northbridge is a must-see part of Perth; known for its culture, arts and diversity, Northbridge offers the best nightlife in Perth! It is a popular spot where the streets are lined with al fresco cafes, boutique bars, pubs and nightclubs. While you're staying at Spinner's Backpackers be sure to check out the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art and the Western Australian Museum. Spend the afternoons having picnics or relaxing with a book from the State Library in one of the neighborhood's many beautiful parks.


Whats Around Northbridge?

  • Plenty of cheap eats
  • 10 mins walk to the central city
  • 15 mins by bus to the beach
  • Loads of bars & clubs
  • Souvenir shops
  • Convenience stores
  • Internet cafes

  • Outdoor cinemas
  • Open Parks
  • 10 min walk to Aquatic Centre/gym facilities
  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • State Library
  • Trendy shops

Northbridge Piazza big screen

The famous Brass Monkey Hotel in Northbridge
Monday Madness Student and Backpacker Night
Free Pool from 5pm and Live Music from 7pm

Perth State Library near the Perth Art Gallery, Northbridge

Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA)